Mar 1, 2009


Click the following link to download the add-in


My thanks to Yogi(SpellIndian), Damon for his UDF showing image in cell and Colo (Menu generator)


Listing of Files and Worksheets

Match Values Between 2 Sheets, Copy All Corresponding Data & Sum Results

Compare 2 Columns For Matches

Consolidate Lists From Multiple Sheets Into One

Remove Duplicates & Create Word Documents For Each Group

List Files & Cell Values With Specific Sheet Names From ListBox

Dynamic Charts Based On Mulitple Dynamic Ranges On Different Worksheets

Subtotal Rows & Summary Report Of Dynamic Table

Delete Named Ranges Specific To 1 Worksheet

VBA Macro To Find Bold Cells In User Stated Range

Consolidate all worksheets into master workbook

Converting multiple rows to single rows

Select a filtered Range with vba

Write the Text file into the Excel sheet in VBA

Find unique values in different spreadsheets

Search all Spreadsheets for data

Macro for copying cells with specific value in them to another worksheet

Importing specific sheet of multiple XLS files into one

VBA- delete all defined names beginning "_service"

Delete rows with 3 or more semicolons

Vba countif visible cells


Create Unique List & Summarize All Associated Values

Count Of Unique Numbers Meeting Criteria

Shift Work Time Sheet With Normal & Overtime Hours

Calculated Weighted & Conditional Average

Calculate Increase Based On Criteria

Display Related Information By Postcode

Average with Special Criteria

Sumif with multiple criteria

Populate a list box using multiple lookup


Weighted Average Of Filtered Data

Largest number starting with "9" in a list

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Milind Karnik said...

Your page has following lonk for KrisUtilities:

But it is not available.

Where can I get it?
And does it spell words in Lakhs / Crores [i.e. Indian system]?

Hope to hear from you soon.


Krishnakumar said...

Hi Milind,

Please visit my Excelforum